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"First we eat, then we do everything else."

—M.F.K. Fisher

Spanish Journeys is What Every Practical Traveler Visiting Spain Needs

We’re a top source on Spain run by serious eaters. We believe one of the best ways to get to know a place is through its cuisine. 

We also love art, architecture, biking, hiking, antiquing and all the rest. We work with a great network of experienced guides and local experts living in Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Andalusia, who provide depth on those subjects and more.

Soul-Satisfying Travel

The bottom line is this:  rather than trying to cover all the standard tourist sites, we create itineraries that emphasize the artisanship, sensuality, and sense of discovery that make traveling memorable.

We think you’ll especially enjoy our trips if you’re the sort of traveler who would rather not join a traditional tour but who appreciates having an insider’s access to authentic experiences.

Savvy Guides for Serious Eaters

To become your trusted advisers on traveling in Spain, we’ve tested everything from luxury hotels to rustic casas rurales and from top restaurants to off-the-beaten-path dives, and we’ve spent as many days lost on backroads as we have in museums.

Teresa Parker Spanish Journeys Founder Teresa Parker is an expert on Catalonia, in the northeast corner of Spain. She lived in Barcelona for nearly a decade, and loves the varied terrain from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean coast. Parker earned a diploma in culinary arts in Barcelona in 1986, just as the movement among Catalan chefs to reinterpret local food traditions was taking hold.  She is a member of Slow Food.
Ed Miller
Teresa’s partner, Ed Miller, knows the backroads of Catalonia well. He was the driver on our first journey, helps plan routes for our trips, and does our bookkeeping. Ed began his career as a journalist, founded a small town newspaper and a publishing company focused on cookbooks. He is a tireless taster of potential restaurant destinations and is able to turn a sleepless night on a horsehair mattress into a good story. Ed has kept his day job as a consultant to nonprofit organizations that promote creativity, sustainability, and social justice.
Juani Yeguas Funes

Juani Yeguas Funes grew up in Andalusia, in the countryside of Granada, where her family tends olive groves and makes fantastic olive oil. After living in Barcelona for most of her adult life, Juani ventured into tourism in Andalusia a few years ago, turning some ancient cave dwellings into a rural hotel. Now working on other rural recovery projects, she lends us her sense of style and her discerning palate as a scout for our routes in southern Spain.


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