The best of Spain and Catalonia. The chance to get beyond what's in your guidebook. Great food and wine. We've told you about all that. What our travelers say matters even more. A wonderful adventure. Remarkable connections. Time for savoring. A sense of place. And of discovery. Magic.

La Placa

Teresa, we just got back from Spain and it was just about as perfect a trip as can be had. When my wife saw the country house she literally teared up––it was so stunningly beautiful. I loved Girona. And San Sebastián. I could go on and on but just want you to know how much I appreciate what you put together for us. In fact, if I make it back to Europe again I just might say the heck with Italy and go back to Spain. I loved it that much.

- Mike Falconieri, Valley Center, California

I said yes to our Extremadura adventure because I have total faith in you, your knowledge of Spain, but especially your spirit and derring-do. I still count it as one of the great trips of my life and I regale people with that road trip as if we had been Kerouac—with cheese.

- Mary-Jane Salk, New York City

Our trip in the Basque Country has been fantastic. For anyone who has been to the major cities in Spain and is now looking for something truly unique, we cannot imagine anyone or any company arranging a better trip.

- Stewart and Barbara Sims, Delray Beach, Florida

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Barcelona. The itineraries for each day suited my tastes and needs to a T, and the guide you chose for me was really special––a charming, knowledgeable, and fun companion. You planned the perfect trip for me.

- Kirstan Barnett, Boston

Well, our daughter Rachelle has officially found her honeymoon destination...mind you, no groom yet, but the honeymoon location has been chosen. I think I speak for everyone that our hearts and minds are full and our souls nurtured after a wonderful two weeks in Spain. Thank you so much for opening doors to people, places, food and drink we never would have had the opportunity to experience.

- Claire Hobson, Portland, Oregon

Once you have experienced the Teresa magic, you will tell everyone you know about Spanish Journeys.

- Sally Smith and Don Burns, Berkeley, California

We’re sitting on our terrace enjoying a glass of Cava right now. I’m so glad I found you. Everything is wonderful.

- Vivian Ritondale, Concord, California

Truly magical—the trip of a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough for the planning, the sharing, and the memories. You were faced with 18 strong, very opinionated individuals ranging in age from 10 to 83, and you managed to make it fascinating and effortless for all of us. It was wonderful how everything was planned based on our interests.

- The Young Family, Philadelphia

What made this trip special for me was the way each day seemed to have just the right balance of time in company and time alone, time for savouring food and wine and for walking, and for absorbing culture and history. I thought I knew Catalunya reasonably well, but I discovered a whole country, which I want to return to again and again.

- Lucy Kimbell, London

Thanks to your grace, generous spirit, and remarkable connections, I’ve developed a lust for Catalonia—a sense of the place, its languages, smells and tastes—that will be with me forever.

- Laurie Sowd, Los Angeles