Small Group Tours

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Small group tours for non-touristy travelers. Irresistible adventures, off the beaten path,
on specific dates. You might want to join one of these even if you're not the group-tour type.

  • El Camino de Santiago
    The most beautiful, bountiful hike you'll ever take.
    September 19 to October 1, 2016
  • Andalusia
    The perfect post-retreat journey into the mysteries of the Alhambra in Granada, the amazing art of Málaga, and a healing hammam experience.
    April 22–24, 2016
  • Andalusia
    Five days of Pilates in a beautifully-renovated Andalusian farmhouse hidden in the Sierras above the sea.
    April 17–22, 2016
  • Barcelona & the Catalan Countryside
    A retreat to bring your senses alive. Daily Pilates and fitness and rich cultural traditions in a luxurious medieval hilltown setting.
    Spring and Fall Custom Dates