Step 1: Book Your Journey, Tour, or Stay

  • We've talked, right? If we haven't, please call or write so we can answer any questions, review details and dates, and get to know your traveling style.
  • Those going on a Tour or Journey: please read our terms and conditions which you will be agreeing to when you reserve.
  • Then print, complete, and sign the reservation agreement form—we need one for each traveler.
  • To book a Stay in one of our special places, you don't need to fill out the reservation form. Just contact us for a reservation.
  • For Tours and Journeys, please send a deposit of $1,000 per traveler with your reservation form to:
    Spanish Journeys at 805 Long Pond Road,Wellfleet, MA 02667.

Step 2: Get Travel Insurance

AllianzDo you really need travel insurance?
We certainly hope you won't need it. But we think having it is absolutely essential. First of all, a good basic plan is just not that much money when you think of what it gives you in peace of mind. Not to mention in protection from loss should something unexpected actually happen.
I've been pointing travelers to Allianz for years. They have a good reputation and good service. And they offer a range of plans that cover the basics like trip cancellation or interruption as well as different levels of emergency medical coverage. Their hotline alone seems worth it—when you're insured, you can call it for anything from coping with lost luggage to getting an interpreter for you at a hospital.
It's easy to browse their plans, compare, and just do it.

Step 3: Offset Your Carbon Footprint

STIWe like to think of our whole approach to travel as sustainable. We're about appreciating all things authentic. We favor “Slow” travel, with experiences that support local farmers, chefs, and artisans. Preserving the cultural heritage of a place is a big deal. But let's face it, getting there from the U.S. involves guzzling some jet fuel.
The good news is you make your travel gentler on the planet by reducing the Carbon Footprint of your journey through Carbon Offsets—donations to environmental programs that reduce CO2 emissions.
Sustainable Travel International is a nonprofit focused on both cultural and environmental sustainability. I like their offset program because they channel the money to verified, high-quality, high-impact renewable energy projects around the world.
Go to STI’s website to calculate the carbon footprint of your trip and make an offset contribution.