The best of Spain and Catalonia. The chance to get beyond what's in your guidebook. Great food and wine. We've told you about all that. What our travelers say matters even more. A wonderful adventure. Remarkable connections. Time for savoring. A sense of place. And of discovery. Magic.

What we did in Spain was so rich with experience that I can barely find the words to describe it all. I felt like not missing one minute: the open door into the life and gifts of Paul Richardson, the cheese and jamón and paintings and ruins and palaces, the high-speed train and the snow, and cowbells, cherry trees, and lavender, and the storks. Viva those things that are truly important.

- Becky Adams, Cayucos, California

I loved the Pilates Retreat! You’ve made some special relationships with incredible people and we were all so lucky to be a part of that. I know many of our experiences would not have otherwise happened.

- Ginger Boden, Chicago

Wow, did we have an amazing time in Spain. We wanted the trip of a lifetime and felt we needed someone who has first-hand experience to help us plan it. I know people like to do it all on their own––we just couldn’t from a time perspective, and the thing is, you really can't get it all from books or the Internet. We lucked out finding you! You made our honeymoon a dream vacation for both of us.

- Chrissy Pavlis and Pascal St. Onge, Calgary, Alberta

As you can see, we have been very well taken care of. We LOVE it here.

- Alisa Lepselter, New York City

Barb and I had a great time on our sisters getaway. We loved the balance of biking, hiking, and food and wine. And the villa hotel was everything you said it would be. We fit so much in, yet didn't feel rushed. Thanks for letting us share in your Spanish travel expertise.

- Julie Mulder, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About the cooking class—what class? This was much more a personal lesson, with a charming chef who is good at what he does. The wine experience was equally triumphant. All the hotels were perfect, especially the country place––just magical. By the way, these places are not easy to find. You’re good.

- Ferris Ferndon, San Francisco

Your guidance was the single most important and helpful element of our honeymoon planning. We loved the Barcelona experience, and we wouldn’t have changed a thing. And we would never have found such a magical and restful country getaway without you.

- Mike and Teresa Crotty, Scottsdale, Arizona

I just want you to know I had the most memorable trip because of you. You have developed an extraordinary sense of place and shared it with us. Every eating, sightseeing, and hotel tip you provided was spot on. The food I’m eating now that I’m back home seems tasteless.

- Eileen Kurahashi, Los Angeles

It was a magnificent trip. The farmhouse stay was the consensus high point for all of us (even our 21-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son). We loved the food, dining veranda, pantry, little pool, rustic rooms, and wonderful host. On numerous occasions we toasted “Teresa, patron saint of Catalonian travel.”

- Jon Adams, Cleveland