Spain's Undiscovered Southwest

It's ironic that the conquistadores set out from this wild southwestern side of Spain—Extremadura is one of the last truly undiscovered places in the country today. Their palaces remain on the golden plazas of Cáceres and Trujillo. Before them, the Romans were here, leaving bridges and theaters beyond any in Spain.

This is not a place full of big-city food snobbery. Instead people here just quietly grow and make some of the best food in the world. There's Gata-Hurdes olive oil, pimentón from La Vera, and from Jerte, cherries galore. Spain's most coveted wheels are from here: fabulous funky torta cheeses. The Mirabel wines are a thrill. And we know you've heard of those famous acorn-fed Ibérico pigs. Well, the wildflower-strewn, oak-dotted pastures are their silvicultural home.

There's so much to learn about and taste in Extremadura. We've scouted it out with help from renowned (and warm and witty) food writer Paul Richardson, who lives on a small farm here. Paul's Secret Spain is our best roadtrip ever.

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