Cape Cod
Cape Cod

Spanish Journeys was born in Spain. But our home office is in the U.S.A. On Cape Cod, to be exact. Though we've also lived and worked in New York and in the San Francisco Bay Area. All are beautiful places with great food and wine.

So, we keep thinking: wouldn't it be great to show Spanish travelers around our favorite places here?

Here's our plan: starting from New York City, first a jaunt to the Berkshires for a glimpse of old time New England landscapes and towns. From there, on to historic Boston. Where a ferry makes it easy to get to the Cape. Here, the Atlantic rolls in over miles of unspoiled National Seashore beaches and trails lead to clear glacier-made ponds.

Our hometown is famous for its big, briny oysters and sweet clams. Local fishermen bring lobsters, scallops, and other seafood to our piers. Then there's cranberry picking in the dunes. And summer farmers' markets too. Like the song says, we'll have a real nice clambake.

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