Southern Spain

Sevilla is the quintessentially seductive southern capital. Wander its Alcázar palace, then its winding old-town streets. Learn to love sherry. Listen to some music. It's all very easy to love.

Meanwhile, Granada and Córdoba have somehow quieter charm. They're smaller cities. Still, their architectural gems recall an amazing history of cultural confluence. After the grandeur of the Alhambra and the Mezquita, each town's plazas and patios are perfect counterpoints—complete with orange blossoms and unfussy opportunities for good eating.

What we think is too-often missed: the southern Spanish landscape. There are snow-capped sierras overlooking the sea. Hill-after-hill of endless olive groves. Dotted, always, with whitewashed villages.

View from the terrace at one of our favorite hotels in Sevilla
Combine the lively rhythms of Sevilla with a mini-vacation into the surrounding countryside to explore olives groves, meet acorn-fed pigs, and taste sherry.
4 nights
Plazas and Patios of Córdoba on a Spanish Journeys Trip
The olive groves stretching from Granada to Córdoba are astounding. Ditto the Alhambra and the Mezquita, and the plazas and patios, too.
3 nights
View from the terrace at one of our favorite hotels in Sevilla
A trip that includes orange blossom-scented plazas. Really. Savor the old city's easy-going charms. Be dazzled by the Alcazar.
2 nights