Teresa Parker blogs about restaurants, recipes, and the reasons why she's in love with Spain's food and culture.

A glass of cold Txakoli
August 18, 2015
It’s not too late to develop a sensational summer crush. Txakoli is, after all, zesty and light-...
Gall del Penedés Catalonia's chicken with a pedigree
February 15, 2015
I don’t need to tell you about the blizzard going on outside my Cape Cod windows right now. What...
Touring the Cathedral in Vitoria Spain
May 30, 2014
"We're skipping the Basque coast," said Stewart. "And heading to Vitoria-Gasteiz instead." This was...
February 12, 2014
I did some “Rolling Like a Ball” today to warm up for our spring fitness retreat. Then, because...
December 19, 2013
I don't know how it escaped our greedy knives, but there it was at the end of our Extremadura trip...